Dan Senkbeil, Photographer/Videographer

I was born in Canada, and am based in Fremont, California.
I like coffee. I like cheeseburgers and marzipan too.
I photograph people, their places and the stuff around them.
I like technology and have analog experience.
I can make still and moving images.
I'm mechanical, I like to fix things.
I'll stick with it until it's exactly what you're looking for.
I'm a project manager. I look for creative solutions.
I like to collaborate. I'm always looking for fresh ideas.
I have a wife, two children and a dog.
I like to travel: Hamilton, Haiti, Hong Kong, Hamburg
I'll be on time, with extra batteries.
We can work in the studio... in front of a green screen with lots of controlled lights or work outside, bending and shaping one big light.
I make lists. I like the details.

Let's work on your next photography project together!

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